11 December 2020

Starfish and Puffins

Today Puffins and Starfish joined together for beach school.  Our story today was one of our favourites ‘Stick Man’ by Julia Donaldson. 

We used sticks to make jingle sticks.  We collected shells with holes in the middle, threaded them onto a pipe cleaner and added bells.  We then wrapped the pipe cleaner around a stick.  We all sang ‘Jingle Bells’ when we had finished.

We had great fun playing ‘Reindeer chase’.  Two children were Santa and the rest of us were reindeers.  Santa had to catch the reindeer and put them in the stable.  After that we used parachutes as sleighs. Two children were reindeers and one was Santa, the reindeers pulled Santa along the sand! 

To finish off our morning at beach school we collected lots of seaweed and made a huge Christmas tree.