This week in Seal Class has been a bit different as we had lots of things to do leading up to Christmas. In maths, we continue to practise our Times Tables and have been lucky enough to use our new Chromebooks in class to do some Times Table Rockstars. We do get a little bit competitive and the Rockslam feature seems to be getting used a lot more but the children are all making good progress with it. We have finished looking at The Romans in History, we have learnt a lot of different things like the spread of the Roman Empire, Roman Britain and what the Romans brought to us. It has been a very interesting focus and we have had lots of opportunities to share our learning. In English, we have been writing informative leaflets based on Healthy Eating, we made some great progress in including the different features in Leaflets and have will continue to use the skills learnt to write our next leaflet next week.
We have also had the opportunity to take part in the Hour of Code as it was Computer Science Week this week. The children engaged with Kodable and what it had to offer and it's a great start into learning more about how coding works.

This week as a class we have decided that Wizard of The Week will be given to the person with the most Tootles (This is where the children write down a note to share if a child has been kind to them). So the Wizard of The Week goes to Indira.

Star Writer goes to Freya.

Class Dojo Sense of The Week goes to Grace.

Congratulations to you all.