We have had another busy week this week!
On Monday we were editing our recounts of the Great Fire of London, making sure we had included everything off our checklist.  In Maths we used the place value charts to help us understand what happens to numbers when we add multiples of 10.  We learnt that only the tens number changes.
We also looked at the suitability of materials for different purposes and thought about why builders use the materials they do for houses nowadays.  We compared this to the materials used for buildings in 1666.
On Tuesday we thought about harvest and wrote an acrostic poem about saying 'THANK YOU' during harvest time.  We practised reading it out loud in preparation for harvest festival on Wednesday.
On Tuesday afternoon, Margaret came in and talked to us about art.  She showed us some paintings and allowed us to appreciate art in different ways.  She told us a lot about different artists and the paintings they had produced.  We aren't going to look at a piece of art in the same way from now on.
On Wednesday we walked down to Church to do our harvest festival.  It was great to see so many family and friends join us.  The church was rather full - brilliant!  After the service we stayed in Church with Rev. Alison and she talked to us about what happens during a Christian Wedding.  She talked to us about the music, exchanging of promises and rings.  We had a go at walking down the aisle just like the couple would at the end of the wedding!
After all the excitement of the morning, on Wednesday afternoon we looked at feelings and emotions.  We discussed different feelings, and what kind of things make us feel like that.  The children think that cake makes me happy - they wouldn't be wrong but maybe I eat too much at school! ha ha.  We also talked about ways to manage our feelings and making the right choice.
Thursday was a normal day - we had our big maths checks, spelling tests and swimming at Willowburn.  I was pleased to see so many children progressing in big maths and getting their spellings right.  Lots of learning in Puffin class this week.
Well Done everyone - only 2 more weeks until half term! 
We walked up the aisle to the Wedding March