Welcome back after the half term break.  I hope you all had a lovely week off.  I certainly did – the weather was amazing so I spent a lot of time in my garden.

It was great to see everyone back ready and raring to go for our final 6 weeks before our summer break.  Well done for all remembering it was teacher training day on Monday too!

This week, in English, we wrote our non-chronological report.  We used our plans from the previous week to help us, as well as using some of the sentence openers to make them more interesting.

In maths, we carried on looking at mass and volume.  We were comparing and measuring volume using language such as full, nearly full, half full and empty.  We also had a brief look at measuring using millilitres. 

We started to play some team games and doing some athletics in PE, learned a new song to sing in music and started to look at how to make a presentation in computing.  We also took a quiz on the UK to see how much we knew.  The answers were somewhat amusing; What is the capital of Scotland?  Edinbra!  We will take the quiz again at the end of the unit and hopefully we will get all of the answers correct! 

Well done again to HUNTER who got promoted on his Learn its in Big Maths – Super job!!

Enjoy your weekend, stay safe I the sunshine and have lots of fun (but don’t forget to read, learn your spellings and do your homework!) 

Miss Murray