This week in maths, we have been continuing with our multiplication and division unit. We have looked at the different ways numbers can be represented, comparing numbers and written methods. It has been quite a tricky week for some of us but we have persevered.
We have also had a big focus on Times Tables the last few weeks. The children all got very excited at NSPCC Times Table Challenge and we did very well. We are now having an inter-class competition with the Orcas, which the Seals have been very excited about. It will look at the classes' average over the weekend. It is all good practice as we do need to know our Times Tables up to 12 x 12.
In Big Maths this week: Charlie, Hunter Indira, Grace, Thomas, Lexi and Freya all scored 10/10 on their CLIC and Charlie, Thomas, Freya, Freddie, Isaac and Lottie scored 10/10 on their SAFE scores. Well done!

In English, we have been continuing our work on The Butterfly Lion and developing our editing skills. We have been writing a recount of chapter 4, whilst also up levelling and editing as we go. It is taking us a little bit of time but the children have worked super hard on it this week and have produced some fantastic sentences. We have also tried a new spelling programme this week called Spelling Shed. The children were very excited to have a go and work on different homophone spellings.
In computing this week, we looked at the use of drones and Lexi was very excited to share with us that her dad uses them for work. It is part of our unit looking at how technology is applied. We continued to look at what it is like to follow God as part of our RE unit this half-term. We got into a really good discussion following on from last week's lesson about Abraham. We looked at what it is to have faith in God, which lead to the discussion about what we think God has done, what they continue to do and how they are in our lives. In DT we looked at what it is to be a design engineer. We focused on James Dyson and some of the things he has created in his career. We then looked at how everyday household items has changed and what technology and skills were needed to do this. We focused on the telephone (landline to mobile), hoovers and pencils. This allowed us to then analyse the Dyson Cooling Fan to see what advantages it has and what disadvantages it has.