10th September 2021

Could you all make sure you have checked your child's school360 account.  The classes have been reorganised on there so you will need to accept the new invitation in order to access homework and messages from teachers.
Password reminders will be sent out next week for those that do not have them / have forgotten them.
Many Thanks 
Welcome back!
It was great to see everyone back in School on Wednesday.  What a smart bunch of Puffins we have!  I am sure they have all grown over the holidays.
They all came back with smiles on their faces and eager to learn.  
This week we welcomed Polly into our school, the children were kind and gentle with her, many knowing how she must have been feeling.  Welcome to our school Polly, and hope you have had a great first week.  
We also welcomed Miss Crowe into our school.  She is going to be mostly working in our class as a teaching assistant; but also working, where needed, in other parts of the school and at lunch times.  She is going to fit right in with us.  Great to have you on board Miss Crowe!!
This week we have discussed and came up with a 'Respectful Listener' class charter.  The children gave some good ideas about what should be included in this charter and we will share it with you all once it has been finalised.  
We have eased them in gently this week, they were just so excited to see all their friends again.  The real work starts next week!  
Have a lovely weekend 
Miss Murray and the Puffin class team.