10th December 2021

Christmas count down is on!
I just want to say how proud I am of all the Puffins - they all learnt and delivered their words well for the Christmas Play - watch out for the link dropping into your emails, grab the popcorn and enjoy! (Middle to the end of next week!)
In other news - INDIE was promoted in her Learn Its challenge in Big Maths - Super work Indie, well done.
This week we have also acted out various parts of the Christmas play for the others to guess, recreated Kandinsky's art on the computers, thought about what Christmas means to Christians as well as taking part in some yoga in PE.  
We also had our Christmas lunch - thank you Mandy - it was delicious!  I was pleased to see some clean plates, as well as some fussy eaters trying new things.  The crackers went down well as did the chocolate cake and chocolate sauce for pudding.  There were some great Christmas jumpers too - thank you for getting into the Christmas spirit. 
Next week we have our Christmas party on Thursday, Christingle on Friday and lots of festive themed learning, crafts and activities.  There may even be a Christmas film treat too!
One week to go Puffins!  Well done.
Miss Murray and the team!