10 September 2021


We were very excited to be back at the beach  today!  For some Starfish it was their first time at beach school.

Our story today was ‘Snap!’ by Margaret Mayo and Alex Aycliffe. It is a book about different sea creatures and how they move. 

When we were walking through the dunes to get to the beach this morning we noticed lots and lots of spider’s webs that were covered in dew.  They were beautiful!  We had a good look at them - some of them even had spiders in the middle!

After looking at the spiders we noticed that some fish were jumping out of the water.  We spent a long time watching the water and waiting and watching  the fish  jump.

When we listened to the story today we each held animal that was in the book.  When it was our animals turn we moved just like the creatures in the story.  We all drew our animal and had a go and writing what it was.  Everybody was very focused and very quiet when we did this so that we could imagine our creatures in the sea.

For our maths today we learnt about ordinal numbers.  We discussed which animals were first, second, third, fourth and fifth in the story and lined them up.  In PE we used bats and bean bags to balance on top.  It was a challenge to keep them on but we kept practising and got much better.  We then balanced ourselves on the big log!

This week we have been thinking about the letters in our names and what they start with.  We all made the first letter of our name using golf tees and then balanced shells on the top.  It was quite tricky to get the shells to stay on top of the golf tees!

We have loved singing ‘Wheels on the Bus’ this week and making up our own verses.  On the beach we made a big sand bus and sang lots of verses.

We had lovely first beach school of the term.  It was very warm walking back up the hill and we just got back in time before the rain!




Puffin Class
What a great first Beach School session back!  This half term we are mainly focusing on science, maths, PE, writing and RE at the beach.  We started off with a science lesson, where we are learning about properties of materials.  Our first session was learning about Charles Macintosh, and then testing different materials to see which are waterproof.  We learnt about the science words - waterproof, absorbent, repel and invention.  In our experiment we tested 6 different materials in groups and recorded our results.  We then shared our results and came to a group conclusion that plastic was the best waterproof material.  We talked about the environmental impact of such a decision.  After snack we moved on to PE.  This half term we are focussing on improving technique and accuracy when throwing and catching.  During the session we concentrated on accurate under arm throwing with beanbags to try and get closest to a target.  We finished off the session by working on our core strength and endurance, running up and down the sand dunes!  After a well-deserved lunch, and with the sea fret finally lifting, we settled down to our first beach writing session of the year.  This half term we are concentrating on using descriptive language about the weather and our surroundings.  We shared our favourite sentences with each other.  We finished up the day with some RE.  Over the next few weeks we are exploring what it means to belong, and some of the symbols or customs associated with different faiths that show how they belong to that particular faith and why they are important to their followers.  This week we thought about what it means to belong, and discussed some of the different groups we belong to, before creating symbols in the sand to represent features of those groups.  We finished up by making a chain of belonging as a class.  We finally returned back up the hill to school, exhausted and sandy, but very happy with a great day at the beach.
First Beach Session back and what a day it was. We started the day by practising our hockey skills as this is what we will be focusing on this half-term in Beach PE. We started by learning how to hold our sticks correctly and practicing our stances. We then dribbled between two cones straight across from each other. We showed great control and accuracy, so we extended the challenge by putting a cone in the middle and we had to dribble in a figure of 8. When we finished doing that we raced each of the groups, they did amazingly. We finished off by playing Kings and Queens of the Court. We then moved on by getting to know the members of the class, what they liked about their first week back and what they would like to improve. This helped us to write a poem about a member of the class. We had a range of poems in their poetry books. We read some of our new Reading for Pleasure Book - Cloud Busting by Malorie Blackman and finished off by creating some performances based on two different themes to see if the other group could guess what it is about.