10 May 2022


We started beach school today with Worship by the Waves.  We are continuing our worship theme of Thankfulness.  This week we spent some time creating pictures of something that we were thankful for.  We used stones, seaweed, shells, marram grass and anything else we could find.  We were thankful for our friends, homes, drinks and dogs.

Our story at the beach today was ‘Ted’s Big Adventure’ again.  In the story Ted travels around the world and visits different countries and does different things.  The weather is different all around the world so the first thing we did was to talk about different types of weather.  We wrote a weather report about the weather today.  It was very windy today.   Because of the wind it was difficult to do some of our activities!

Ted goes to Italy and eats pasta.  We collected some seaweed to make seaweed pasta.   We spoke about the different types of pasta and the things we like on top of our pasta.  Ted ate some of our pasta!

Ted walked along  The Great Wall of China so this week we walked along the rocks pretending we were on the Great Wall! 

When Ted visited Great Britain he had tea with the Queen.  We made sand cupcakes and decorated them with stones and shells.  The Reception children did some addition number sentences to find out how many to put on the top and the Nursery children were given a number card and needed to count the same amount of stones and shells to put on top.

Ted went to France he climbed the steps to get to the top of the Eifel Tower.  We climbed the steps to the top of the sand dunes and pretended that we were at the Eifel Tower too.  At the top of the dune there was a new sign.  We read the sign and said what the letters were.

Ted went on an aeroplane on his travels.  We followed some instructions to make our own paper aeroplanes.  It was great fun throwing them and watching them fly down the sand dunes.

At Beach School this week, we started with Worship By The Waves. We started by creating a picture of thankfulness. We then split off, the Y5s joined us for part of the morning. We focused on highlighting the difference between Physical and Human Geography and identifying and classifying what could fit in either category. We then came up with a definition for both and searched around for what we could see. We then drew a map of the Tectonic Plates and highlighted the Ring of Fire before moving on to making Volcanoes and Mountains in the sand. They came up with a fantastic range of features, that looked amazing from a height. We gave the coke and mentos experiment a go which was difficult because of the wind but we did get a stream of 'lava' coming out of the bottle. We then wrote poems about volcanoes. Some of the children chose to write raps, some chose to write a song and some came up with actions to match. We then went up for some lunch before heading to the field to finish off with PE. This term we are focusing on Rounders. We spent some time focusing on developing our underarm and overarm throwing as well as our batting and fielding skills. Before finishing off with a game. It was a lovely Beach Day!

We had another lovely, yet windy day at the beach this week.

We started day with worship, during this time we found resources on the beach and made a picture of something that we are thankful for. The children in puffin class are thankful for their homes, food and animals.

We then started our English lesson, we made sure that we were using adjective in year one and using alliteration, similes and noun phrases in year two. We then started our PE lesson. In PE this week we practised our running, underarm throwing and long jump. It was then time for maths. We split into three groups. One group focussed on measuring the capacity of different objects, another group focussed on ordering the capacity of containers from smallest to biggest and the other group were showing the teacher a full container, nearly full, empty etc.

After lunch we went back to the beach to create an observational drawing of a shell. The children found some beautiful shells to draw. To end the day at the beach the children began to build their traps for the dragon in Embleton. They all varied in size but effective none the less.