10 May 2019


Big bowls, middle sized bowls, small bowls and porridge!  Guess what story we had at beach school today? 

Our maths today was ordering bowls by size and estimating and counting how many spoons each bowl took to fill.   We got really good at estimating!  Some of us made a pictogram to record our findings.

In PE we warmed up by playing the bean game (we had been learning about the story of Jack and the Beanstalk in school this week) we loved being jumping, runner, broad, jelly, baked, chilli and French beans!  We took it in turns to call out the instructions-we had to listen carefully to each other.  After that we made up our own activities with bean bags and cones and shared our ideas.  It was fun trying to catch a beanbag using cones.  We were very excited to see that the big driftwood tree was still on the beach and had great fun pretending it was a pirate ship!

After PE we read the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and sang a song about the story.  We then discussed that Goldilocks shouldn’t have gone into the bears house, ate the porridge, sat on the chairs, broke baby bear’s chair or slept in his bed.  Some children wrote letters from Goldilocks to the three bears to say sorry for the things that she had done and some children drew bears in the sand using lolly sticks.

In the afternoon we did our ‘beach boogie’ again and used wet sand – it worked much better!  We made up lots of verses including pretending we were bears by ‘clawing the sand’.  We had taken the saucepans from our mud kitchen to the beach this week and we made recipes for sand porridge adding shells, stones, seaweed and water.  We loved the fact that when we dug in the sand this afternoon our holes filled up with water.  Some of us joined them up to create a river.

At the end of the afternoon Bishop Christine came to join us for ‘Worship by the Waves’.  Our church school council told us the story of ‘Breakfast on the Beach’ and we learnt about the fish symbol which we then used as a focus for our prayer time.  We sang a song and then Bishop Christine spoke.

What a fabulous day we have had in the sunshine today!