10 May 2019

Our first activity on the beach today was maths.  We reviewed the work that we had been doing in class on time, using clocks that we brought with us to the beach.  Next we moved onto PE.  We played a variety of games to learn techniques of invasion and evasion.  At the end we had some games of dodge bean-bags (instead of dodge ball).  It was a lovely sunny day and we were all very hot by the end of it - we definitely needed snack time!
After snack we sat looking at the sea to do our weather reports.  After writing them, we were all keen to read them to each other.
After lunch we went down to the rockpools with our sketchbooks.  We enjoyed a peaceful hour looking at the different details on a variety of seaweed and sketching them in our books.  We also had great fun scrambling and balancing on the rocks, looking at the sea snail patterns and anenomes.
We finished the day with Worship by the Waves.  It was great to have Bishop Christine join us.  Well done to Elizabeth, the Year 1 Church School Council Rep, for helping to lead the worship and act the story.