10 January 2020


A frosty morning for all of us this morning for the first beach school of the year; Orca UKS2 class continued investigating fractions we used playing cards to find the common denominator and challenged our partner – the person with the highest fraction was the winner and because of that won the cards, the person with the most cards wins. LKS2 carried on with multiplying and dividing  by three, the children are really working hard with their times tables.

This week was the first week of Beach School Fitness, the Orca class will be completing a circuit of activities including shuttle runs, throwing and catching and jumping – we will use the information to see if our fitness has increased and then produce a line graph from the information.

After PE, we began to explore Tutankhamun his life and his reign as a Pharaoh, the children developed their note taking skills and understanding of our topic Ancient Egypt – which is our topic for the term.

A lovely lunch in the golf club and the Orca class began to investigate tides with Mrs Brealey, they discussed high tide and low tide and which hour effects the tides.

Another successful day of learning!

A frosty but bright day on the beach today!  We spent the first half an hour exploring the frozen sand - 'It is not frozen if you dig down.'  We talked about how and why it was frozen and noticed that some sand wasn't frozen - we realised that that was because that was where the tide had come up to.  We worked together to create a big pile of sand blocks.  In PE this half-term we are going to do some orienteering, so we started off by moving in different directions, recapping our knowledge of cardinal directions.
After snack, and some warming hot blackcurrant juice, we did some writing in our journals.  In computing this half term we are creating a Beach School book, so we spent some time writing about the things that we do at Beach School.
After a delicious lunch at the Golf Club we did some science.  We discussed what was the difference between living things and non-living things, and then spent some time beachcombing to find and sort things that have never lived, and things that used to be living.

We were excited when we got to the beach today to discover that the sand was frozen!  We spent a long time exploring it.  Some children tried to stamp to break the sand but it was really hard.  We all collected pieces of frozen sand and made towers.  We discussed how the sand had to be frozen for us to do this.  Someone said it was like water and that we wouldn’t be able to make a tower of water but we could make a tower of ice.

We read a book about shapes at the seaside and went on a shape hunt to see what we could find.  We found some razor shells that were a bit like a rectangle, some oval stones and some shells that made a circle when we pushed them in the sand.  We even found a shell that was a spiral.  Some of us wrote about what we had found.

During PE we played a shape version of stuck in the sand.  We also made some big shapes in the sand.  The best part of our PE today was climbing up and running down the sand dunes.  It was really fun!

In maths we collected and sorted different shapes that we had found.