10 December 2021


At beach school today we talked about the Christmas story and all the different events that happen.  We spoke about the different characters and what their important parts were in the story. 

We acted out the story and Mrs Popay videoed us.  We are going to join all the different parts together to tell the whole story.

People on the beach were very surprised to see Mary, Joseph and a donkey walking along the sands!  There were even more surprised to see wise men and camels following a star!  And who knew that there shepherds, sheep and angels in the sand dunes!

The last beach school of the year. How fast it has gone. We started the day off by looking at how much the beach has changed. We had to slide ourselves down on to the beach which they really enjoyed. We then created and labelled a flower in the sand as part of our plants learning. The children did really well in remembering most of the parts of a plant. We then moved onto something a little more Christmassy by creating our own North Poles. The children got really inventive and even created a slide which they could use to say whether they were a good elf or a bad elf. After this, we read some more of our Stig of The Dump book. We have nearly finished and the children enjoy it. They then created their own performances of Stig, Barney and The Snargets. They really got into character. We finished beach school off by playing multiplication splat before heading off and enjoying a well deserved lunch. We then did some dance in the afternoon with the Orcas and even managed to do the cha cha slide, macarena and some Christmas freestyle.