Class Blog:
This week in Seal Class we have been celebrating British Science Week. In maths, this week we have been looking at fractions. What is a fraction, how to make a whole and what equivalent fractions are? The children have worked hard on this and made lots of progress. In English, we have been looking at our favourite scientists, who they are and what they contributed to science. We looked at a range of different scientists from Isaac Newton, Leonardo Da Vinci, Mary Anning and Marie Curie. In science, we continued to look at how electricity is transported and how it is generated. We looked at renewable energy sources such as solar panels, wind power and hydroelectricity. We also took apart a plug to look at how the components go together, what things go inside a plug and how it works. We also started to look at Ozobots in computing looking at the different hardware components in the Evo and how they function together.
This week in Big Maths in CLIC - Charlie, Indira, Grace, Leighton, Thomas D, Lexi, Freya and Lottie scored 10/10.
In their SAFE - Leighton, Freddie and Lottie scored 10/10.
Freya and Indira have both earned their Pen Licences, Congratulations to both.