This week we have been looking at another story by Janet and Allan Ahlberg called Burglar Bill.  We have only read a few pages of the book so far because we have been using this to help develop our knowledge of adjectives.  We stopped at the part where Burglar Bill finds a box outside house number sixteen.  We had a go at writing some descriptive sentences about what we thought was in the box.  We wrote some sentences with adjectives in and then some of us shared our ideas with the rest of the class.  We had poisonous emeralds, scary cats, a burglar trap and many other wonderful ideas.  As we read the next few pages we discovered that what was actually in the box was …… A BABY!!!!  No-one predicted that!  It was a noisy crying baby too!  I can’t wait to read the rest of the story to them next week and looking at writing letters, character descriptions and alternative endings.


In Maths we began our addition and subtraction unit by looking at fact families.  This was a great link to our Big Maths as we do a lot on fact families in those sessions.  We were able to use our fact family knowledge to help us check calculations by doing in the inverse.

Big Maths did not disappoint again this week.  There were 11 children who got 10/10 for their CLIC maths and one promotion in CLIC challenges for MAYA!  Well done Maya – you have managed to work hard and get 10/10 for 3 weeks in a row!  Next level here she comes!  In our Learn Its challenge there were 3 promotions.  Well done to MARLIE, FLO and FLORENCE.  You got all your Learn its correct within the time! 


We finished off our sketched drawings of our Arcimbaldo inspired portraits and coloured them in.  We had to make sure we were using the correct colour for the food and flowers used.


Edith Cavell was the subject of our discussions in our History lessons.  We discussed whether or not they were right to shoot her after all she had done to help the soldiers.  We came to the conclusion that the German allies were horrible people for shooting Edith, especially as she helped so many soldiers who were injured and was brave to treat them on the front line.


We finished off the week with some RE and yoga.  We are loving the different yoga sessions and find it relaxes us ready for beach day on Fridays.  The children are really trying to think about their breathing techniques during the sessions too.


I hope you all have a lovely weekend, stay safe


Miss Murray