This week in Seal Class we have been finishing off our Stone Age – Iron Age learning, our Electricity project and our maths measuring and comparing lengths unit. We have been very busy. We have also shared our electricity projects that we spent this half-term doing at home. They have done an amazing job and we had a variety of different things shared with us. We also learnt that the average electricity we use in Seal Class at home is 6KWH from those who did they meter readings. We also shared different ways to save electricity at home. On Tuesday, we walked all the way to Craster and back which I am sure you all heard about.  It was a total of 10 miles by the time we made it back to the hall. The children did really well and followed their schedule. We made Easter Cards on Thursday and went down to the beach again on Friday. Where we finished off our measuring unit as well as The Iron Man.

We finished off the term by watching Hop!

Have a lovely Easter,

Miss Scott