This week in Seal Class:

In English, we have been writing either a recount of our visit to Vindolanda or a fictional piece of writing based on Romans living at Vindolanda. As well as learning what adverbs are in Grammar and practicing our spelling rules of the week. (Y3 - Words ending in -ture) (Y4- Words with the prefix -in meaning not)

In Computing, we have been continuing to practice logging onto the Chromebooks and completing Typing.com to practice our typing skills. We have also been exploring all the different web-based applications that Google offer on their G Drive to get the children more familiar with what is more suited to the various tasks they do in school.

In History, we have been consolidating our learning of The Roman Army, their Invasion of Britain, and the lasting impact it had on Britain today. Focusing on the roads, structures, aqueducts, bathhouses, and forts that the Romans built. We had a lovely visit to Vindolanda on Monday to explore a Roman Fort and to see what Artefacts had been found which gave us a glimpse into Roman life then we had a fantastic beach day where we were Roman Soldiers for the day.