Well that weekend and week went over so fast!  Where is the time going?  I hope you all enjoyed the extra day off at the weekend.  The weather was pretty rubbish wasn’t it – hope you still managed to enjoy it despite the rain.

We got straight back into our learning this week by thinking of new ideas for our own Jack and the Beanstalk story.  We thought of lots of different things we could change and wrote all of our ideas onto paper.  We have made a big list of ideas we might want to use.

In Maths we began by looking at symmetry in 2D shapes.  We first of all discussed what a line of symmetry means and then had a look at some shapes that may have some.  We discovered that some shapes have more than 2 lines of symmetry – I wonder if your child can tell you the names of any of these shapes?

In PE on Tuesday afternoon we did some work on our ‘rolls’.  We learned how to do an egg roll and a log / pencil roll safely.  We then added these rolls into our routines and made up a short sequence of moves.  It had to include one way of travelling, one shape made with our bodies and one roll.  Have a look at our videos and see if you can identify each of the three moves in each sequence. 

We have continued looking at collage in art and The Lost Son in RE.  We looked at feeling sad in PSHE and looking at ways to help our friends feel happy.  We watched the story of Mr Happy, part of the Mr Men series, and we will forever remember Mr Happy making Mr Miserable laugh and happy again.  Laughter really is the best medicine.

Big Maths gave some good results again this week with HUNTER being promoted in his Learn Its again as well as promotions for OSCAR, ZACH and FLORENCE.  Well done to all. 

Have a good weekend.