Mental Health Week
This week we have been promoting Mental Health Week.  We have been doing one activity a week to help keep our minds healthy and happy.
On Monday we did some work on 'Super Us' - we thought about all the good qualities about our selves.
On Tuesday we did some meditation - we put on some relaxing music and let our mind drift off to a happy place.
On Wednesday we did some mindfulness colouring in before we headed off to the Northumberland Zoo
On Thursday we did some yoga.
I hope this has helped the children to realise that we are all different and unique as it would be boring if we were all the same.  We talked about how we all have special qualities that we can use to help others.
Trip to Northumberland Zoo
On Wednesday we went on a trip to Northumberland County Zoo to compliment our Australia topic. 
Whilst there we saw lots of different animals and talked about where they come from, using the information plaques beside their enclosures.  We found a Kookaburra sitting in a tree (Yes there is a song to go with it for those of you who know it, and yes Mrs Threlfall and I sang it to them!) , we walked through the Wallaby enclosure, where we spotted some joeys in pouches, and had a talk from Sarah about the bearded dragon and the Prickly stick insect.
The children were commented on their good behaviour by other visitors to the Zoo!! Well done Puffins!
NSPCC Number Day - Fractions
On Thursday afternoon we had lots of fun with our families teaching them all about fractions. 
We played lots of fractions games to help us understand them.
We hope Mum's and Dad's had fun too - Sorry Richard you managed to escape before I managed to get a photo of you with Freya.