What a first week back we have had!
It was lovely to see you all after your half-term break, ready to get back into our learning and sharing what you had been doing over half-term. It sounds like there has been a lot of exciting adventures going on. We started our week by carrying out an experiment looking at the impact of what we drink can have on our teeth and why it is important we look after them. This experiment was carried out over the week and we managed to finish it today by taking the eggs out and looking at the difference. What a difference there was! I have to say I even found myself surprised by the results. But what a way to engage our understanding of how a hypothesis and the conclusion can be so different.
We have also looked at the impact the Romans had on Britain and the things that they built to improve life here. We looked at the roads they built. Aqueducts and how they provided a fresh water supply and the amphitheatres that provided entertainment. We were surprised to find out that The Romans built 8,000 miles of the roads here in Britain.
We have also started to look at the Poet Valerie Bloom as part of our Poetry Unit in English. She writes some amazing poems about everyday things in life. We had one about a bread van and one about being late for school. The children were fascinated by the Poet's language as she writes the poem in Jamaican Dialect. The children also loved performing their poems with some amazing accents used. I have to say they did a lot better than me at reading it in a Jamaican accent that's for sure.
We have also started reading Narnia, The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe as our new book and we are enjoying it and cannot wait to see where the next chapter takes us.
Class Dojo Sense of the Week is Elizabeth. Well done!
Have a lovely weekend,
Miss Scott