Welcome back to school this week after our half term holiday.

Hope you all had a good week off, albeit a bit strange.

We have started this week off by welcoming Miss Ridley into our class.  She is training to become a teacher.  She will be teaching us in the near future and we can’t wait!

Our topic for this half term is Explorers.  We began by discussing what an explorer is and what they might do.  We then had a little look at one of the first explorers; Ibn Battuta.  I wonder if your child can tell you anything about him.

We looked at one of the characters from our new English book – we answered some questions about who it might be, what he might do, what kind of character he is and thought about what he might be thinking.  We may get to meet him next week and find out more about him. 

In Maths we carried on looking at addition and subtraction.  Some of us were again using a number line to add and subtract, while others were using number pairs to 10 to help us work out number pairs to 100.  We also did some addition problem solving outside – we persevered until we got to the answer – well done!

We also go off to a great start in Big Maths this week with promotions for MARLIE, CAMPBELL and OSCAR in their Learn Its challenge and a promotion for LUCAS in his CLIC test.  Super Work – well done.

In art we are focusing on colour!  We began by looking at the primary colours which are red, yellow and blue.  We looked at the artist Piet Mondrian, and tried to recreate his style of abstract art.

Computing this half term is looking to improve our typing skills.  We are trying to move away from just using one finger!  I can tell it’s going to take A LOT of practise!  We are determined to get there though.

PE this half term is dance.  We had Emma and Natalie in to begin teaching us some dance.  We started off by trying to move in time to the beat of the music.  It was so much fun.


Have a good weekend

See you on Monday

Miss Murray