Weekly Blog:
The first week back and we have been very busy in Seal Class. We have looked at our new text for this half-term 'The Lost Words'. What a beautiful text it is, all about Nature. We discussed why it is important that these words are not lost and why in particular it is the next generation that will keep these words alive. The children seem to enjoy the poems. In maths, we have been looking at addition and subtraction and are now up to 4-digit numbers. The children have worked super hard on their maths this week and have persisted where they may have found it tricky. It was Pupil Parliament Week so we have focused our afternoon sessions on that. We have looked at what Parliament is, what Democracy means and why it is important. The children then created their own Political Parties and made 4 policies all about Climate Change and COP26. The winning party was Orca Boy Democrats. It was also Diwali this week, so we looked at what Diwali is and how it is celebrated. Then we had a go at a crossword which was very exciting and difficult at the same time and then we finished by colouring our own Rangoli Patterns using multiplication to help us.