Welcome back everyone, 
It has been lovely to welcome the new Year 3s and 4s to Seal Class this week. We have had two new children also join our class from different schools, which has also been very exciting. What a warm welcome they both received from everyone. What a start we have had to the year! The children have been enjoying getting to know each other through participating in sports activities on the field and engaging in PSHE activities. We have also been practising logging onto Google Classroom and School 360, whilst also having a great time on the computers playing Kahoot. It was a great way to practice our times tables. We are also very lucky to have Mrs Gabriele in the classroom supporting us for the time being. 
The children are very excited with the Class DOJO system and the shop they can buy things from with their DOJO points. They have also spent some time applying for their Class Jobs, which will change every half-term. Well Done to those who were successful with their application, they have all been very eager to carry out their jobs.
The children have all been very welcoming and it has been a lovely start to a new class for us all. I hope the children have a lovely weekend off and are looking forward to Monday. 
Miss Scott