This week we have been busy looking at lots of new things in our Topics. In science, we looked at what our bodies need for us to be healthy and what food groups provide us with. We then made our food pyramid, which allowed us to evaluate how healthy we are. In history, we looked at the role of the Roman Army in the expansion of the Roman Empire. This allowed us to look at the different types of Roman Soldiers, what kind of training they had to do to be a Roman Solider, what weapons they used and the size of the Roman Army. We even managed to design our own Roman Shields that would scare the enemy away. I have to say they did manage to make them quite scary. In art, we designed our Christmas Cards based off of the Motif and Pattern work we have done this half-term. They looked fantastic well done. In music, we continued to learn how to play the Djembe Drums and managed to name some African Countries. In maths, we have finished our place value unit of work which the children all worked hard on. The year 4s even looked at Roman Numerals, so it was a lovely link to our history topic. In English, we have started looking at Tales of Africa. It links nicely with our music lessons and allows us to learn some of the oral stories that is shared from Africa. There is some lovely artwork in the book as well. We started looking at the book by doing some book talk, which allowed us to see what we could tell from the front cover and things we wanted to find out about the book in future. We can't wait to see what happens in the book.

Class Dojo SENSE is Leighton. Well done!
Have a lovely weekend,
Miss Scott