20 May 18

20th May 2018
Where is the time going?  I can't believe that it will be the half-term break at the end of this week!
Nursery and reception children had a very productive time when they came on the bus to Alnwick on Monday.  They bought a range of plants and seeds to put in the school grounds; and Pets at Home very kindly gave them 5 new fish for the tank in the classroom.  The fish seem to be very happy in their new home!  
On Monday afternoon, Kaka, a friend from Kenya came to talk with the children.  KS1 and Early Years asked him loads of questions about what life in Kenya was like.  I think we probably talked about almost every animal that went into Noah's Ark, and whether they lived in Kenya!  We also found out about what sort of food Kenyans eat, and where they live.  It was a great opportunity to get some first hand information before we start our topic on Kenya after half-term.  With KS2, Kaka talked about what his life was like growing up, living in a mud hut and having to walk 30 minutes with a 20 litre jerry can to collect water as a child.  He also talked at length about being a Muslim.  As Ramadan was due to start the next day, the children had an interesting discussion with him about how he coped with fasting, and why it was important.  It was a fantastic chance for the children to have their questions answered in an honest and engaging way.
On Tuesday, the local Coastguards visited to talk about how they help people.  They also brought in their new teddy mascot, and asked us to take part in a competition to name him.  The children are busy thinking up great names!
Beach School on Friday had a Viking theme.  Click on the Beach School tab for more information!
This week Toddler Group is back on on Monday.  On Wednesday we are going to church in the morning where Rev Alison is leading a workshop on 'Experiencing Pentacost'.  On Thursday we have Community Lunch Club; and on Friday morning it is Parent Worship before Beach School.  
School will close at 3 pm on Friday for the half-term holiday and will reopen at 8.35 am on Monday 4th June.