25 June 2017

25th June 2017
As we creep ever closer to the Summer holidays the pace of learning does not let up!  All the children have been very busy this week.  
Class 1 have been investigating different shapes and the Year 1s and Reception children are getting very good at describing different 3D shapes in terms of their different properties.  They have also been very busy writing stories and sentences, as well as making, doing and playing both inside and out.
Class 2 have been busy making pasta as part of DT, writing fairy tales, doing column addition and decimals, and had a fascinating time at the synagogue and mosque (amongst other things).  They spent the morning at the mosque learning about Islam and how it is practised in Newcastle, and then went to the synagogue in the afternoon, learning about Judaism and the Jewish community in Newcastle.  Both visits gave the children plenty of opportunities to explore the customs and symbols of each religion.  We realised that many things are common to all three religions.
It was lovely to see so many parents at the Class 1 and Class 2 meetings this week to discuss how we are setting things up next term.  We are really excited about taking the school forward in September.
This week is another busy one (again!) with Class 1 going on a trip to Whitehouse Farm on Wednesday and Class 2 going to Brinkburn Priory on Thursday.
It is the Year 4 parent lunch on Tuesday - please let Melissa know if you are able to make it.
Well done to Arthur for achieving both a Bronze award in Mathletics, and the weekly Mathletics cup last week.  Our sports star was Thomas for excellent javelin throwing, and the superstar award was given to Daniel for trying really hard with this writing.  We are really proud of all of you!