Class 1 Key Stage 1

Class 1 are Key Stage 1 and Early Years.  They are taught by Miss Murray and Mrs Threlfall, and supported by Mrs Cotton.  
Over the last couple of weeks we have been looking at the story 'The Mitten', and making our own versions up.  We have been investigating the different animals, and writing character descriptions, and looking at commas for lists of things, and between lists of adjectives.  In maths we have been learning about multiplication and division.  On Friday we took part in the NSPCC number day.  Some of our families came in and played some times tables games with us.  It was great fun!  We have finalised our menu for our Pancake Cafe, following our market research and testing, and written a list for Mrs Threlfall to get all the ingredients.  We have been looking at inventors, looking at how Lord Armstrong made electricity, making our own simple circuit and designing our own invention to help around the house.
Welcome back!  This week we have started looking at the story of the Snow Queen and thinking about how we could write to persuade the Snow Queen to release Kay.  In Maths we have been looking at the greater than and less than signs, and solved problems involving them.  Our topic this term is Inventors, so we have been thinking about inventions and have started learning about Leonardo da Vinci - we thought that he was just a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle!!  In DT we are working on a Pancake Project.  This week we did some market research on which were the favourite pancakes in the school.  In RE we are looking at the Bible as a special book.  Christine, the Church Warden, brought in the big Bible from church.  It was really heavy!
This week we have been starting to look at settings and character descriptions, using adjectives to make our descriptions interesting.  In maths we have been using a 100 square to help add and subtract 1s and 10s. We have been continuing our topic of looking at the weather.  This week we have been looking at different places in the world using Google Earth to see what the weather is like in different parts of the world.  We have been learning about the equator and the poles.  We even used Google Earth to find our own homes and the school!  We have also been designing, making, testing and evaluating windsocks.  In RE we are starting to investigate what Christmas is really about.  On Friday we took part in Children in Need, joining in a Spotty Hat Parade around the village.
This week in Maths we have been looking at properties of shapes, and then using our knowledge to sort data using columns, Venn diagrams and Carroll diagrams.  In English we have been looking at Tracey Corduroy's books and doing some descriptive writing based on her books.  In art we have been applying our knowledge of watercolours to make 'Field of Poppies' pictures for Remembrance Day.  In science and topic we have been investigating wind, and seeing what evidence there is of wind around our school.
This week we have been looking at odds and evens in Maths.  In English we have been building on our senses work from science last term, by thinking about Bonfire Night before writing a senses shape poem all about being at a firework display.  In computing we further built on this idea by finding some firework pictures on the internet, before learning about, and using, the app 'pic-collage' to create our own firework pictures.  We have started our new topic all about the weather, by talking and writing about what we already know, and what we would like to find out.  In RE we have been looking at our school Christian value of Wisdom.
This week we have been exploring more about harvest, and taken part in Harvest Festival in church.  In English we have been looking at verbs and adverbs; and in maths we have been doing lots of measuring using rulers and a range of other different things.  We have had great fun making faces out of fruit and vegetables after looking at pictures by Arcimboldo.
Key Stage 1 have had a very busy week.  The highlight was going to Hetherslaw Mill to learn about what happened to the grain once it had been harvested.  We also learnt how to make bread, which will come in handy for our instruction-writing over the next few weeks.  We have been looking at time, and practising reading clocks in Maths, and have learnt about the Eatwell Plate in science.  In computing we have been looking at how to program Beebots by being human Beebots, directing each other, and working out the sequence on the ipads.   
We have been busy writing up our own versions of the Little Red Hen stories this week.  We have tried to focus on capital letters and full stops, and making sure our sentences make sense.  In maths we have been looking at money, and using coins to make the right amount to buy various things.  Some of us have been looking at how much change we would get from a certain amount.  We have been looking more at how harvest used to happen in history, and painting pumpkin pictures in the style of Van Gogh.  In science we have been exploring outside using our senses.  
This week we have been 'innovating' in Talk 4 Writing, changing the characters in the Little Red Hen story - we have got, Little Black Tadpole, Little Yellow Lion and Little Brown Horse.  We had a go at starting to write our own stories out, as well as using adjectives to describe some of our characters.  In Maths we have been looking at number bonds to 5, 10 and 20.  We have been introduced to bar modelling as a method for helping to visualise the maths we are doing, as well as using lots of practical resources. 
In topic we have been exploring harvest, by using the computers to investigate; and painting pumpkin pictures with watercolours, trying to carefully blend different shades of colour.
In computing we have been learning about algorithms, debugging and logical reasoning, making a picture of a house using 2D shapes.  In science we have been exploring our senses, and have tried a range of sweet, sour and salty foods.
As a class we are reading 'The Magic Faraway Tree' by Enid Blyton.  We are all really interested in finding out what land is going to be at the top of the tree next!
We have been exploring friendship in PSHE and RE this week, building on the current whole-school Christian value.  We also voted for Noah and Arthur to represent us on the school council.
All the Key Stage 1 children have settled in really well, and have been very busy this week.  We are using the story of The Little Red Hen and the Grain of Corn as our Talk 4 Writing stimulus - we have started to learn the story and write our own story maps for it.  We have also mimed various sections to see if our friends can guess which bit we are retelling.  In maths we have started to look at place value and 2-digit numbers.  We are using numicon to help investigate the difference between the 'tens' and the 'ones'.  Our topic this half term is about the Harvest.  We have started exploring watercolours and how to make different shades and tints, before making a Harvest picture; we have also been thinking about what we already know about the Harvest, and how it was different in the past.  In science we are spending the half-term looking at our bodies.  This week we tried to name as many different parts of our bodies as we could - we did really well, and included things like our veins, our lungs and our pupils.  We explored whether having bigger feet meant having bigger hands, and found in our class that it didn't seem to be true.