Class 1 Early Years

Class 1 are Key Stage 1 and Early Years.  They are taught by Miss Murray and Mrs Threlfall, and supported by Mrs Cotton.  
This week we have been looking at doubling and halving in maths, as well as practising our counting.  We have been writing our names in lots of different ways.  On Friday we took part in Children in Need by having a Spotty Hat Parade round the village.  We talked about why we were raising money, as well as making some Pudsey crafts. In RWI we have been learning 'h' and 'sh', as well as practising segmenting and blending words together.
This week we have been looking at books by Tracey Corduroy, and really enjoyed joining in drawing pictures with her when she came to visit.   We have been continuing to work on recognising numbers, as well as seeing what 'one more than' looks like. We have been helping the Year 1s and 2s find out all about the wind, and on Friday we did a variety of poppy activities after talking about Remembrance Day.  The reception children have been learning 'f', 'e' and 'l' in Read Write Inc.
This week we have been thinking about Bonfire Night.  We have enjoyed a number of activities, including making firework sounds, thinking about how fireworks move, making firework pictures and writing about fireworks.  In RWI Reception have been focusing on blending using fred fingers - some us are starting to be able to read simple words!  In maths we have been focusing on counting and recognising numbers to 10 or 20.
We have had good fun making potato people to decorate the church for our Harvest Festival this week.  We talked about each of the fruit and vegetables that we chose, discussing which we had tasted before, and deciding which body part it could be used for.  We have been doing more segmenting and blending in RWI, and have been exploring initial sounds in words.  We have tried on lots of different dressing up clothes, played outside and have been learning some new board games.  
What a varied week we have had!  From investigating healthy eating, to learning how to make cakes (just for a treat!);  and exploring time using sand timers, to sharing fairly using 'one for me, one for you.'   We have been on picnics and aeroplanes; learned how to make colours lighter by adding white, and investigated thick and thin brushes.  In RWI we have been continuing to practise segmenting and blending, and learned 'g' and 'o'.
We have spent a large part of this week telling more stories with a similar structure to the Little Red Hen.  We joined the Year 1s and 2s to do a senses exploration outside - we heard, saw, smelled and felt lots of different things.  We also discussed why it would not be a good idea to use our sense of taste when exploring outside!  We also tried our hand at self-portraits.  In RWI we have learnt 'n' and 'p', and have been working on segmenting and blending with the sounds we have learnt.
We have had a lovely week this week.  We have continued to explore the Little Red Hen story, and some children decided to make up their own version using different animals.  We are starting to get quite good at retelling the story, using actions.  We have been using the resources to explore a variety of maths concepts, including symmetry, counting and the concept of 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  We have now started pouring and mixing our own paint, and are learning that if you put lots in of all the different colours, you almost always end up with brown!  The Reception children have learnt 'd', 't' and 'i' in RWI.
What an amazing first full week back in school.  All the children have settled back into the routines really well, and the new children are joining in brilliantly.  We have been exploring the story of the Little Red Hen and the grain of corn.  Over the next few weeks we will be investigating it closely and learning to say the whole story ourselves.  We have also been very busy trying out all the resources in the classroom.  We are getting better at putting things away after ourselves already!  The Reception children have learnt 'm', 'a' and 's' in RWI.